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Putting the right dollars in the right areas to get the right outcomes.

Your tax dollars play a vital role in supporting the citrus county school district, and it is imperative that these funds are utilized appropriately. The primary focus should be on directing the money towards the individuals who have a direct impact on student life: the teachers, support staff, bus drivers, custodians, and cafeteria workers. By ensuring proper allocation of resources, it would be possible to hire additional staff members, thereby guaranteeing that students have dedicated educators and aides in their classrooms. Sufficient bus drivers would facilitate students' access to school, and having a full custodial staff will maintain a clean environment that would foster an optimal learning atmosphere.

Should you wish to delve further into this matter or any other topic, I can arrange a meet and greet session with you and your friends.  To initiate this discussion, kindly utilize the contact tab on the main page.

Paid for and approved by Victoria Smith, for Citrus County School Board District 2
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