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In this upcoming election, you have the chance to vote for a candidate who is prepared from day one to tackle the specific challenges of the Citrus County School Board. While I commend the dedication of other candidates, this election presents a unique opportunity to elect someone already equipped and qualified for the role.

My extensive involvement in the classroom, technology implementation, advocacy for fair pay, engagement with the School Board, and collaboration on educational issues with our leadership slate demonstrate my commitment to enhancing our education system. Why does this matter? Unlike other governmental positions, the school district requires a deep understanding of its unique challenges, processes, and a clear vision for meaningful change.
With over twenty-five years of teaching experience, I've witnessed firsthand the evolution of our education system, adapting to changes in teaching methods, curriculum, and disciplinary practices. As soon as I became an educator I started to get involved in more than just the classroom instruction. Beyond classroom instruction, I've taken on leadership roles such as department chair and committee member, advocating for effective assessment strategies and fair compensation for educators. 
My passion for math led me to be a department chair and I joined the committee on FCAT implementation in Hernando County, where I started teaching. Upon moving to Citrus County and teaching at Citrus High School, I immediately got involved with advocacy for salary increases and was eventually chosen by teachers and support staff to represent them, where we made sure that their voice was heard in the process, to bargain for higher salaries and better process.
I have also regularly been requested by the Citrus County School District itself to be part of many committees and even gave up many summers at their request to attend state-wide conferences to bring back tools to help implement better strategies to help improve school outcomes.
I've actively participated on committees addressing crucial issues such as salary negotiations and educational policy reform, ensuring the voices of teachers and support staff are heard and valued. Moreover, I've engaged with state legislators to advocate for fair policies that prioritize student learning outcomes while supporting educators.
Over the past decade, I've dedicated myself to addressing pay disparities, understanding the intricacies of budget fluctuations and advocating for sustainable solutions. Conversations with essential staff like bus drivers have highlighted the urgent need for fair compensation and a supportive work culture to ensure effective student transportation and overall school functioning.
Recognizing that student learning is influenced by various factors, including disciplinary policies, I'm committed to implementing necessary reforms to foster a culture of respect and accountability. For instance, revising policies to hold students accountable for false claims against teachers is imperative for maintaining a conducive learning environment.
Improving professional development opportunities and refining assessment practices are also central to my agenda. By emphasizing outcome-based training programs and eliminating outdated practices like automatic grade inflation, we can better equip educators to meet the diverse needs of our students.
Implementing uninterrupted planning time for teachers is a key initiative that can yield immediate benefits. By providing educators with dedicated time to analyze assessment data and tailor instructional strategies accordingly, we can enhance teaching effectiveness and student outcomes.


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